Comic page


The good news is, there's a comic.

The bad news is, the artist's computer has decided to commit suicide.

Good news part B: Replacement parts for a computer have been ordered. Bad news part B: They won't arrive for a few weeks, and doing any more pages in the interim is proving unfeasible. Colouring, even without complicated characters like Blake, is a technical nightmare, and even the keyboard on the borrowed computer is failsome.

As soon as things can get back in working order, they will. In the meantime, you can watch the forum, the comic journal on FurAffinity, or especially the LiveJournal community for further updates.

Sorry, folks. Sometimes life happens, and sometimes it happens some more. This will not be treated as a total hiatus, though. What work can be done while the computer troubles persist, will be, and we'll catch up as soon as we can, posting the strips that ought to have gone up in the interim etc.