All links point to the first page of a distinct story arc. What exactly is judged to be a story arc is pretty arbitrarily decided by us, but will probably help you find specific pages you're looking for or assist in finding where you left off if you've been gone for a while.

While we've tried to keep the storyline summaries pretty generic, they can contain minor spoilers. It is advised that you do not continue down this page, but instead start at the beginning, if you've not previously read the comic.

Moving in
Blake and Sarah arrive at their new home on Blackbird Lane, where Blake meets Toni for the first time and Sarah's mother mistakes Blake for a building manager or handyman.
Fleshlight duty & returns
We meet Toni's boss and one of her coworkers, and Toni spends some time unpacking merchandise to unearth a box of Fleshlights she was told to get on the shelves. Also, a lioness shows up with a complaint about a product purchased some time prior.
Pizza night
Sarah makes her first acquaintance with anchovies and beer, and the roommates start getting to know each other. Also, Blake and Sarah argue about the validity of gay crushes on fictional characters.
Morning after / Extra income
And for Sarah, it's about as pleasant a morning as that makes it sound. First hangover, a true college student milestone! She also meets some new folks on campus. Meanwhile, Blake's a bit short on cash, and rather than loan him a few bucks Toni does one better and points him to the nearby fertility clinic to make a personal donation...
Cassie's kiss & tell
Toni's boss tells her about her wedding anniversary celebration the previous night. Also, Toni reluctantly wishes her father a happy birthday.
Mittens's drawer adventures
Mittens discovers a drawer that won't close in Blake's room.
Touching base
The roommates briefly reconvene, Sarah sharing news of her upcoming date, before Blake heads out to meet some friends and Sarah takes a phone call from her mother. A phone call Toni probably was not meant to overhear...
Picnic in the park
Blake, Charlie, Melly and Becky get together for a potluck picknic. Conversations pass gleefully until something hits a nerve with Charlie and he calls it an early night.
Motorcycle magazines, huh?
A new day starts with Toni getting the mail and having a chat with the neighbor. Also, Blake's unpacking and gets outed as Sarah knocks over one of his boxes, spilling some magazines out.
Double date
Sarah goes on her first date, with Max or ever, and Erica is quite impressed by their dates' near-naked frat brother. And with dinner over, both girls decide to come back to the frat house for the night...
So that's what you were doing...?
Sarah returns home after a successful date, and Blake soon has figured out what transpired the previous night.