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I'm hoping this uncolored page is very temporary. Basically, I injured my dominant hand doing yardwork, worsened it by doing more yardwork (some of which was immediately after noticing I'd done myself a harm, figuring it wouldn't take long to finish the task off so how much worse could it get?, some of which was this morning at the insistence of other people who knew I'd hurt myself and really should know better), and now holding my tablet stylus is absolute agony, so... Just typing hurts pretty bad if I don't do it just so.

Ironically, I could hold a stylus fine yesterday afternoon, and could hold a pencil fine this morning, so here's to hoping my hand heals up quickly so I can get back to my backlog of art!

Anyone who's seen our bonus material will know just why that was a really awkward question to ask Sarah.

Mwalimu (the lion) is the intellectual property of his creator, used with permission. Todd (the weasel) and Sarah (the impala) are the intellectual property of us, and I'm pretty sure we have permission from us to use them.