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You can find an awful lot of useful stuff surfing the web. For this comic, I found one of those useful things: this tutorial for doing tile in Photoshop. I had to adjust it a bit since I was doing the tiles as part of a larger document, and since I was doing different colors, but overall I think I managed to pull it off quite well. That's one thing I'm really enjoying about these first few pages of this comic: I'm experimenting with my coloring methods and learning new things. Nothing like learning new stuff, am I right?

Still on the lookout for a good comprehensive tutorial for inking in Flash. I've heard it's supposed to make for smoother lines, and as you may have noticed in some parts of the digitally inked free-standing art I've posted, shaky lines are a real problem for me when I ink in Photoshop. Hell, they can be bad enough when I ink on paper.

Also, I'm sure anyone who's ever had cats can sympathize with Toni here. In my house the default "freak out new people" cat antics seem to consist of the cats chasing each other at approximately a million miles an hour, and bumping into people's legs with surprising force in passing. That or they'll just hide and jump out and hug people's legs.



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