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First look at the neighbors!

Note for those of you who speak Imperial: 30°C is about 86°F. So "thirty fucking degrees" basically means "you're an idiot for even asking why I took the shirt off."

Technology hates me; it appears my tablet and Photoshop had a domestic and need some time to cool down, as right now they're not talking nice to each other at all. I was down with something that was probably mild food poisoning yesterday, so I'm obviously a bit pressed for time. I'll keep trying to get them playing nice over the next few days, and hopefully I'll be able to successfully perform counseling for my poor quarreling bits of computer and get them to cooperate long enough to finish this by the time I go to upload the page on FurAffinity on Tuesday. For now, you get at least the plot; the page is as finished as I can get it without the tablet's pressure sensitivity working.

And that's the proper version up! Also note that Blake is young and stupid. Don't follow his example — don't lift with your back.


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