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We have, in fact, been planning this arc for quite some time. And yes, the guy Toni's ogling in the first panel is in fact named Harley.

And that settles it: Blake's ample porn collection doesn't have a single girl in it. We now have a contextual definition of what Blake meant by "good" pornography. All about the cock, that quagga.

In other, tangential news: I am currently offering free flash fiction to any prompters! Anyone who submits a comment to this post (anonymous comments OK; no account required) can suggest a theme for a small (~500 word) piece of fiction, brand-new or in one of my existing settings (including ICQ). There's a completely optional tipjar for incentives, including illustration by this comic's very own artist - and if a suggested piece set in ICQ-verse is realized as stand-alone fiction, that'll get illustrated either way! Take a look, leave a prompt, spread the word - prompts will stay open until I have my fill of them!